Dental Teeth Whitening

Your smile is one of the first things a person will notice. A whiter, brighter, healthy smile is beautiful. Many things will stain or darken your teeth: coffee, tea, smoking, antibiotics and many other ingredients in food products and beverages. Whitening helps brighten that smile of yours.

Boost Teeth Whitening System is the latest breakthrough technology that allows for decreased post-treatment sensitivity by eliminating the lighting system. The 1.5-hour chair side process uses a self-activating hydrogen peroxide gel for cycles of 20 minutes each. Typically, two 20-minute cycles can be tolerated by patients with minimal discomfort. After treatment, a set of bleaching trays will be given with four whitening syringes for continuous ‘touch up’ whenever necessary.

Benefits to whitening professionally are:

  • Improves tooth health
  • Reverses effects of aging on teeth
  • Brightens teeth
  • Can help improve your confidence
  • Lasts a long time

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Why us
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