Dental Crown

A dental crown is a long-term restoration that provides a solution for many dental problems.

  • Broken, fractured or decayed teeth.
  • Root canal treated teeth.
  • Large or broken-down fillings
  • Cosmetic enhancement.

A dental crown is essentially a “cap” that is placed over an existing tooth.  It is tooth shaped and used to restore a tooth to its appropriate size, strength, and appearance. Dental crowns are permanently cemented into place and function as a natural tooth.

Types of crowns are:

Porcelain Crown – are the most widely used type of crowns for their natural look and metal-free composition.

Zirconia Crown -are made of a new type of material that provides both excellent aesthetics and strength.

Full-Gold Crown – are very durable and strong, which is why they are sometimes used in back teeth.

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