Clear Braces

ClearCorrect is often described as clear braces or invisible braces, but this is not exactly accurate. Instead, they are clear aligners or clear trays that fit over the teeth and painlessly bring them into proper placement. As a major benefit, invisibility cannot be overlooked, but there are other advantages to the use of ClearCorrect.


  • Being discreet and subtle is among the benefits of ClearCorrect because they allow people of any age and any field to enjoy tooth straightening and correction without anyone even knowing they are doing it.


  • Having clear aligners means wearing them throughout the day, but also removing them to eat and drink. Unlike standard braces wearers, those with ClearCorrect or clear braces can fully and easily clean the teeth and gums, using floss without worry. They then clean the aligners properly and put them back in to speak and smile naturally.


  • Without wires or braces, without the self-consciousness caused by braces on adults or teens, and with their design to custom fit the wearer, the comfort level of ClearCorrect is easily one of its advantages.

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