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Dr. Glasscock is the best dentist that I have ever had. Age15 I had an accident that broke my front teeth. At the time the best that my dentist could do was place crowns with pins to repair. They looked awful and I was in constant pain. I moved to Charlotte 15 yrs ago. I went to many different dentists. They all recommended that I have implants. I never felt comfortable and at ease with any of them. The cost was high and I felt that they were interested in making money off my unfortunate situation. I finally decided to call another dentist for a consultation. I looked through the phone book and prayed for guidance. His name was unusual so it stood out. I called and they scheduled the consultation. I met with Dr. Glasscock and explained to him how over the years I had some bad experiences with other dentists and discussed the fact that I had a growing anxiety about going to the dentist. He did x-rays and took the time to explain all of my options with me. Implants were not even an option for me due to the lack of bone in the front. He made me feel so at ease. I had the porcelain bridge done. Outstanding work! This man has changed my life! He cares about his patients and what is truly in their best interests. I Highly recommend him.

Deborah Usher

I hadn’t been to the dentist in 5 years, I am seriously phobic about the dentist. Dr. Glasscock was referred by a friend and Endodontist. He and his Hygienist were fantastic! I will not avoid the dentist anymore! I had filling repaired and a new one – opposite sides of my mouth, requiring two injections, but they were fine. Dr. Glasscock and Julie treated me with compassion, respect, patience and expertise. Julie the office manager was great too, as was the other assistant during my treatment- so sorry I was not very clear minded at that point.

Susan B.

I highly recommend Dr Glasscock, especially if you’re a phobic nervous dental patient. They do their very best to try and make you comfortable and all dental treatments that I’ve had done was with as much avoidance of pain and discomfort better; than any other dentist I’ve been to. And the support staff are all very friendly and make sure you aren’t treated just like another number, no waiting, and the practice is not another factory.

Deborah Pearce

I have been going to Dr. Glasscock for over 10 years. I find him to be caring, friendly and knowledgable. His staff also shares the same qualities. I have always been pleased with the service. I highly reccommend Dr. Glasscock!

Mike Ussury

I have been a patient for only a year but it feels like I’ve been a patient for a long time. The staff is extremely friendly and they make you feel like they have known you for ever. Dr. Glasscock is a wonderful Doctor. He called me at home the day after I had some teeth extracted (on his day off) just to make sure that I was o.k. NO ONE DOES THAT! I like Dr. Glasscock and the staff so much that I recommend them to all of my friends.

Javier Lopez

I am a person that has been through quite a bit of medical issues that has caused damage to my teeth. I grind my teeth when I have migraines, and can be a very unpleasant person to deal with. I moved into this area almost a year ago, and Dr.Glasscock has been very nice, and has been so gentle that I hardly notice the novocain when he administers it into the gums. He is an excellent dentist that does amazing work, and his staff are all the best ! Every person in the office is wonderful and a pleasure to be around. I plan to be a patient at their office for the entire time that I live in this area, and my husband has already decided to be a patient too. Thank you for being the nicest people that I have met in the almost entire year that I have been living here in Charlotte.

Stefanie Baron

I drive from High Point NC to have my dentist (Dr. Glasscock) take