Protect What You Have… Safety is Important!

Kid’s playing sports NEED a Sports Guard!

Wearing a sports guard while playing contact sports is essential for helping to protect injury to your teeth, gums, jaw , lips and cheeks. 

Many people play contact sports on a regular basis. This is typical among children, teenagers and adults.  A traumatic accident to the mouth can cause a loss of a tooth. Wearing a mouth guard is important for the prevention of fracture or injury to your teeth.  Having a mouth guard properly fitted at your dentist is important for comfort and maximum protection of your pearly whites.

Losing your teeth can impact you in more ways than you would think.  Your self-esteem and confidence is hindered if you feel uncomfortable smiling.  Below are some consequences that tooth loss can create:

  • Speech problems.
  • Chewing problems.
  • Anxiety and self-consciousness.
  • Stiff jaw.
  • Moving of remaining teeth
  • Nutrition problems as crunchy foods could be difficult to eat.
  • For baby teeth, the potential of adult teeth coming in crooked.

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