snap on smile

Temporary Solution… NOT the Answer for True Dental Needs!

Snap On Smile is a great product for those looking to makeover their smile without undergoing extensive dental procedures.  It works exactly like it sounds, a new set of “teeth” are created that are placed over your current teeth by snapping them in place.  You can have a beautiful new smile in just two quick and painless visits to our office.

Snap On Smile is a great option for patients who are looking to enhance their smile for temporary visual purposes. This would include in our officeTV, Beauty Pageants or Modeling.  On your first visit with us you will pick the shade and style of your smile.  We will then take an impression of your teeth so the Snap On Smile can be properly fitted. A Snap On Smile is then made with a light, durable resin to create a strong yet thin set of snap on teeth. In approximately three weeks you will return for your next visit where your new smile will be waiting!  The Snap-On Smile will be placed onto your current teeth and you will leave the office with a bright new smile.  No drilling, no extractions, no whitening chemicals are necessary – the whole process is quick, easy, and painless.

*The Snap-On Smile is being advertised to cover cracked, chipped, decayed or even missing teeth. Yes, this appliance can help temporarily to hide the visual appearance of these issues but it is not the solution. Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that this is a cure all product. It can help temporarily with your situation but in the end once you remove the “teeth” you still have your “teeth” that need to be addressed properly.

*NOTE* Dr. Glasscock will determine if you are a candidate for the Snap-On Smile.