There are Six Main Reason you Need to See A Dentist! 


There are Six Main Reason you Need to See A Dentist! 

Coming to see the dentist every six months may not be at the top of your priority list, however it is a very important appointment that should be kept.  The office of Dr. David M. Glasscock DDS, dentist serving the Charlotte, NC 28262 area and the University Area believes in “One Patient at a Time” .  We work hard to ensure our patients experience a timely, stress free experience.  Life is busy with work, kids and the many responsibilities that our day to days throws at us. We make every effort to schedule your appointment to make it convenient, timely and most importantly stress free.  If you are wondering what the point of having regular dental check-ups and cleanings really are? Well let us give you some things to ponder on.  We care about your dental health and want you to be the healthiest “you” you can be.

Oral Cancer Detection

As most of us know, cancer is quite serious.  Oral cancer is often not diagnosed and can quickly progress to become life threatening. The truth is, many people do not know the signs of early onset oral cancer.  As with many cancers, an early stage oral cancer diagnosis is often easily treatable. A regular 6 month dental checkup would be your greatest chance of catching this at an early stage.

Cavities, Tartar and Plaque Build up

Plaque turns to tartar and is very difficult to remove without professional help.  This build up can erode teeth and create cavities.  We all try to be conscientious when brushing, but there are those small areas in the mouth that are missed while brushing and flossing.  Regular dental cleanings removes plaque and tartar build up.  Cleanings help prevent tartar build up which could help prevent your tooth from decaying forming a painful cavity.

Checking on Your Bad Oral Habits

Some bad oral habits are chewing ice, jaw clenching, eating sticky sweets, drinking coffee, drinking red wine, nail biting and smoking.  All these things can vary on how they cause oral damage to your teeth, gums and mouth.  Visiting our office allows you to fix the damage that has been done.


With a broken bone, you need an x-ray to see the break.  X-rays allow us to see what is going on with your teeth and jawbone under the surface. This test allows us to see bone decay, swelling cyst or tumors which may not be visible to the eye.  Finding these problems early is crucial in order to properly treat.

Gum Disease

Bad oral hygiene doesn’t only effect your teeth but can erode your gums. Gum disease doesn’t only cause swelling, bleeding and soreness in the mouth, it also erodes the bone that holds your teeth in place.  Once the process has reached this point, it is likely for tooth loosening and/ or falling out.

Jaw, Neck and Lymph Node Check

During a dental exam, your neck, jaw and lymph nodes are checked for swelling, lumps or any type of abnormality and if something is found, it could be a sign of a major health issue.  Not scheduling your dental check up drastically reduces how often these areas are checked.  It could be the difference between finding something early or finding out something is wrong after it has progressed.

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