Dental Office of Glasscock Dental


The office of Glasscock Dental is located in Charlotte, NC (University Area).  We offer a stress free atmosphere which is great for many of you who are tired of the hustle and bustle of real life. We know that the dental office is the last place that many of you want to come to or even enjoy doing. That is why we treat our patients as “people” and not as a “number”. We are truly interested in you and are thankful that you have entrusted us with your dental care. Our patients are scheduled in a way that you may only see another patient in passing, entering the office or checking out. You will not see are reception room packed with patients. This is because our Motto is “One patient at a Time on Time”, this allows us to spend quality time with each patient and everyone gets to see Dr. Glasscock no matter what type of appointment you may have.

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